PrivatePilot Course

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course is designed for pilots who want to fly for recreation, personal transport or other similar purposes where payment is not received.

The Course Structure

The Private Pilot Licence course consists of a minimum of 40 hours of flight training, passing the CASA prescribed theory examination (seven subjects combined into one test), and the successful completion of a Flight Test.


To qualify for a Private Pilot Licence, the candidate must:

  • be at least 17 years old (training can start earlier),
  • hold a CASA approved Basic Class 2, Class 2 or Class 1 aviation medical,
  • qualify for a security clearance to operate at airports (ASIC), and;
  • complete The Course Structure requirements listed above.

Flight Training

Stirling Helicopters flight training generally consists of two components:

  1. First is a classroom session brief, which is conducted by your instructor and outlines the nature of the exercise about to be undertaken.
  2. Following this, you and your instructor will perform the flight. This flight generally lasts for approximately one-hour (later flights involving navigation will last longer). Following this, your instructor will discuss the flight, and advise the next steps.

Theory Training

Theory training can be completed (most commonly) in one of two ways.

Full time classes

Full time theory classes are suited to people who learn well in a classroom environment. These generally last for a couple of weeks.

Self Study

Self-study training allows students to proceed through the course material at their own pace, allowing time to focus on different areas where it may be needed.

If self-study is your preferred method of study, we at Stirling Helicopters will advise the relevant study kit.

Combining flight training at a steady rate, with theory at your pace, delivers the best results. It is recommended that completion of the theory is done by the mid-point of your flight training.

Types of Helicopters that you can fly

Generally, there is no restriction to the type or size of helicopter that can be flown by a Private Pilot, providing the required training is performed by a qualified instructor.

However, there is no real benefit to learning in a bigger, better, more complex aircraft, as the licence you will qualify for is the same.

In addition, you may find it difficult to obtain insurance, especially in a turbine engine helicopter. Depending on your budget, it’s more likely that the cost of the helicopter will decide which type.

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