Agriculture& Landcare

Agriculture & Landcare

Agriculture & Landcare

Stirling Helicopters has been servicing primary producers since 2002, offering a wide range of agricultural services. The fleet has a broad range of capabilities including crop work, animal control, fire lighting and suppression and cattle mustering. Stirling Helicopters employs proficient pilots with rural backgrounds and irreplaceable experience.

Agricultural Support

With numerous helicopters in our fleet our aircraft are suited to various agricultural and horticultural support work. When covering large areas or accessing remote locations, a helicopter is second-to-none in their flexibility and speed.

Agricultural Services

  • Crop Spraying
  • Crop Seeding
  • Crop Fertilizing
  • Aerial Inspections and Surveillance
  • Sling Load Operations (lifting and moving objects via a cargo hook on the helicopter)
  • Installing Protection Covers over Valuable Crops
  • Fuel, Fodder and Emergency Supplies in times of Flood
  • Fire Lighting
  • Fire Suppression

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Feral Animal Control

Stirling Helicopters Rockhampton can also provide CASA & Government approved shooters for your needs.

Stirling Helicopters has a purposely designed aerial underslung baiting machine for wild dog and pig baiting. Controlled from the aircraft cabin, the pilot is able to release the baits in an effortless and efficient manner.

Feral animal control services

  • 1080 Baiting
  • Feral Animal Control

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Cattle Mustering

Our pilots have accumulated thousands of hours mustering cattle throughout Australia. All mustering pilots have rural backgrounds and years of experience on the ground before attaining their mustering approvals.

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