RemoteHeli Access

Remote Heli Access

Remote Heli Access

Stirling Helicopters provide remote access throughout the Central Queensland coastline and broader region.

Remote Access Charter

Our fleet has a range of up to 660km (Townsville, Longreach, Brisbane the Gold Coast and large sections of the Great Barrier Reef are within this range of the Rockhampton Airport) and a capacity of up to six passengers.

Our fleet is able to assist with operations otherwise impossible in remote locations. Using a helicopter to lift is often cheaper and safer than a conventional crane in difficult to access terrain.

Stirling Helicopters has completed a variety of sling operations including;

  • Aerial Crane Services
  • Carting Fill for Inaccessible Remediation
  • Fuel, fodder and emergency supplies in times of flood
  • Installing Remote Site Towers
  • Building Supplies to Remote Sites
  • Access and supply to difficult work sites via aerial crane with lift capacities of up to 1000kg
  • Remote Area Construction
  • Mine Site Operations
  • Flood Operations
  • Fire Lighting
  • Fire Suppression
  • Aerial Inspection

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