“Spotless has engaged the services of Stirling Helicopters for several years on a variety of projects, including feral animal management (aerial culling), fire management (aerial incendiary application), aerial inspections, aerial weed management application, and transport to remote locations.

Due to the high risk nature of some of these tasks, we work exclusively with Stirling Helicopters, as their impeccable safety record and fastidious attention to machine maintenance and risk mitigation are second to none. Stirling provide a high quality service with skilled, experienced and personable pilots who carry out the task in a professional and friendly manner.”

Martine Parker
Environmental Coordinator

Australian Government Department of Defence

“Stirling Helicopters have been providing outstanding aviation support to Shoalwater Bay Training Area for the last eight years. Indicative tasks have included VIP orientation overflights, fire and water bombing in support of the annual risk reduction burn plan, pre and post exercise environmental remediation inspections, weed eradication aerial spraying and boundary clearance monitoring. In addition to this tasking, Stirling Helicopters have also continued to provide aircraft assets at extremely short notice, in response to wildfire water bombing efforts across the Training Area during periods of high fire danger. The experienced pilots are fully conversant with all aspects of operating aircraft in military controlled airspace and comply with Range Standing Orders requirements at all times.”

Joe Simpson
Regional Training Area Manager
Shoalwater Bay Training Area

Ergon Energy

“Ergon Energy has been utilizing Stirling Helicopter Services since 2010 for Ferrying Personal, Patrolling, Long Lining, Tension Stringing in every day and Emergency conditions in and around Queensland. Stirling Helicopter Services always offers exceptional quality service and rates and provide forward thinking solutions to any problems that may arise.

Stirling Helicopter Services has always achieved and surpassed Ergon’s requirements not only in quality, service and personnel but also most importantly in safety. They have always managed to align well with Ergon’s values and teamwork environment.”

Kind regards
Shane Balchin
Officer for local Security Central Transmission Lines

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